Trouble in paradise?

When you are planning a trip, you are so excited about discovering new cities and finding out the best flight and accommodation deals that you might overlook some important details. When you're already there, how do friends' recommendations work for you? Was that expensive restaurant worth it? Was the museum what you expected? Was that sightseeing tour your best option? Did you get the best souvenirs for your friends without spending that much? Your limited time is as valuable as your money.

Our solution?

A multiplatform (web, app, chatbot) agent designed to assist the traveler in planning and during the trip. It's innovative because it uses Artificial Intelligence -deep learning- and generative adversarial networks to produce travel schedules according to the user's tastes, preferences, and lifestyle and it readjusts to fit the unexpected conditions during the trip in real time. Each traveler profile will be saved to be interpreted and suggestions can be made. Thanks to check in the users can achieve rewards points changed per travel miles, free nights in hotels, special discounts and more.


Marisol Contreras CEO, Architect, traveler, foodie. Marisol was co-founder of Modebo (2011-2016), developing Artificial Intelligence for energy efficiency in buildings, she generated 1 patent in the US. Ricardo Reyes CTO, Artificial intelligence expert, AI Advisor in 5 startups in the US and Mexico. The Uppi team is special for their experience in creating technology in base startups in the US and Mexico. In the past 10 years we learned about failures and experiences. We also gained knowledge, contacts, and management abilities.